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Stay in Touch with the Family During a Home Remodel

Because a home remodel project can put you out of the home for weeks at a time, sometimes you need to come up with alternatives to stay in touch with your extended family. While you might be the type who enjoys writing letters, or settling into your favorite arm chair to receive evening calls, you simply can not enjoy that luxury as much while you are staying at a friend’s home or a local hotel. Instead, make sure that you invest in a phone plan that will enable you to stay in touch with everyone who wants to, especially a plan that includes video chat so you can schedule regular video calls with those kids that have made your home an empty nest, finally making that home remodel possible!


If you are used to settling down at the kitchen table and drafting letters to family members who live all over the country, you might just need to take a brief hiatus during your home remodel. Instead, see if you can schedule a few regular phone calls each week. If not, try catching your family members on their commute home from work. While you might be thinking you are bothering them during a stressful drive, most people actually love getting a call during what can otherwise often be a very boring segment of their day.


If you love handling your old land line, a cell phone from Vonage is not that different. Just check out the great deals at Vonage’s Groupon Coupons page, and you will find that you can purchase a phone that will make this period of transition very manageable to adjust to. All you need to do is set yourself up with a great smart phone that is capable of connecting to WiFi, and you can even chat with your family and friends via video chat!


If you are getting a little nervous about making this all work while you are on the move, worry not. Vonage’s phones have great connections across the nation, so you can stay in touch with family even during an extensive home remodel.